- 4D Trento Time Machine -

TOTEM (4D Trento Time Machine) aims to use and valorize historical data (especially maps and photos) preserved in the local archives and to make them explorable through advanced ICT solutions. TOTEM proposes a multi-temporal exploration of historical data, testing and developing several AI-based solutions to enhance the historical value of archives sources. TOTEM will focus its activities on the city of Trento (Italy).

TOTEM, with its results, offers the opportunity to visit the city of Trento (Italy) of the last 150 years, reading the urban transformations in the reconstructive 3D cities and visualizing and comparing historical photos with actual situations.

TOTEM is a project funded by Fondazione Caritro - grant #2019.0236.


Elisa Farella -

PHONE: +39 0461 314502